Ogden Top & Trim is a three generation business founded by Frank Nesladek in 1919. Now with third generation Carol, it has continued to serve the automotive enthusiast for over 97 years. The range of cars that have won major awards with their interiors has shown them to be one of the winningest and diversely capable upholstery shops in the nation. For example their Street Rod interiors have won the prestigious Ridler Award and America's Most Beautiful Roadster. Their Restorations have won at Pebble Beach and Amelia Island. Their Sports Car work has won awards at the Jaguar Nationals and the coveted Platinum Award at Palm Beach's Cavallino Classic Show for Ferraris.


Leading the design and creation team at Ogden Top & Trim is John Mayer. A graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago School of Design, he enjoys every aspect of the automotive hobby. He often says, "Custom cars let me be creative, and restoration keeps me in line."

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